Facebook Page Setup

Facebook Page Setup


Facebook Page Setup to promote your business, event, band or project on social media

Product Description

Facebook Page Setup

  • Facebook Page for your business, band, organization or personal interest
  • Includes cover photo*, profile picture*, organization info, find and like some related pages
  • Add administrators and editors to your page (limit 5)
  • This is a FB “PAGE”, not a personal FB account (The #1 mistake made on facebook)
  • *(Will use whatever current images you have available. Includes simple editing: resizing, cropping, lightening: Does not include graphic or logo design)

Facebook Page Setup by Robert James

Why A Facebook “PAGE” not a “Personal Account” or “Group”

  1. AGAINST FACEBOOK TERMS OF SERVICE: Using a personal account with a name other than your own (business name, trade name, band name, etc) is against Facebook’s terms of service and they could shut you down anytime (I have know someone this happened to). You will lose everything; all the friends you acquired, posts, content, etc.
  2. 5000 FRIENDS LIMIT: There is a limit of 5000 friends on a personal account. You are maxed out once you hit this limit. Then one day Facebook shuts down your personal account with a dba name, and you lose those 5000 friends and have to start all over.
  3. NO INTERACTION WITH OTHER PAGES: If I have a Facebook Page for my business, I can not “LIKE” your personal account and interact with it. I won’t even be able to see  your content. If your business had a proper PAGE, I can LIKE your page, reshare your content and interact to promote your business.
  4. GROUPS CAN ALSO NOT INTERACT THE SAME: If you are trying to promote and expand something, groups can not interact as well as pages and cannot be promoted as well from the outside. If you are trying to keep a closed system, fine.
  5. LINKS ARE NOT THE SAME: I use a plugin that turns a link to a facebook page into a nice little box with the logo. When a business uses a “personal account”, those links will not register and produce an error. Personal accounts by nature are not designed to be public entities.


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